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Airworthiness Directives (ADs)



民航局AD編號 發布日期 原發布國 原AD編號 適用機型摘要 檔案下載
CAA-2019-09-001 2019/09/05 EASA 2019-0218 DA 42 and DA 42 M aeroplanes (including those certified in the Restricted category), all manufacturer serial numbers (MSN); and DA 42 NG and DA 42 M-NG aeroplanes (including those certified in the Restricted category), all MSN, which include those that have been converted from DA 42 and DA 42 M aeroplanes via Optional Service Bulletin (OSB) 42-068 or OSB 42-081, as applicable. CAA-2019-09-001.pdf
CAA-2019-08-009 2019/08/31 EASA 2019-0210 Airbus A350-941 and A350-1041 aeroplanes, manufacturer serial numbers as listed in the AOT. CAA-2019-08-009.pdf
CAA-2019-08-008 2019/08/31 EASA 2019-0207 Airbus A350-941 and A350-1041 aeroplanes, all manufacturer serial numbers. CAA-2019-08-008.pdf
CAA-2019-08-007 2019/08/23 EASA 2019-0203 Airbus A350-941 aeroplanes, all manufacturer serial numbers, except those that have embodied Airbus modification 113749 in production. CAA-2019-08-007.pdf
CAA-2019-08-006 2019/08/23 EASA 2019-0206 Airbus A350-941 and A350-1041 aeroplanes, all manufacturer serial numbers, except those on which Airbus modification (mod) 112721, mod 112722, mod 113102, or mod 113501 has been embodied in production. CAA-2019-08-006.pdf
CAA-2019-08-005 2019/08/21 Transport Canada Civil Aviation CF-2019-30 Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) model PT6A-34, -34B, -34AG, -114, and -114A engines. CAA-2019-08-005.pdf
CAA-2019-08-003 2019/08/19 EASA 2019-0196 Airbus A318-112, A319-111, A319-112, A319-115, A319-132, A319-133, A320-214, A320-216, A320-232, A320-233, A321-211, A321-212, A321-213, A321-231 and A321-232 aeroplanes, manufacturer serial numbers (MSN) 4895, 4903, 4911, 4919, 4929, 4938, 4942, 4944, 4946, 4948, 4951, 4956 to 5541 inclusive, 5544, 5547, 5550, 5551, 5553, 5556, 5559, 5561, 5562, 5563, 5565, 5566, 5570, 5572, 5576 and 5578. CAA-2019-08-003.pdf
CAA-2019-08-002 2019/08/19 EASA 2019-0197 Airbus A318-112, A319-111, A319-112, A319-113, A319-114, A319-115, A319-131, A319-132, A319-133, A320-211, A320-212, A320-214, A320-215, A320-216, A320-231, A320-232, A320-233, A320-251N, and A320-271N aeroplanes, all manufacturer serial numbers (MSN) except those having Airbus modification (mod) 158133 embodied in production. CAA-2019-08-002.pdf
CAA-2019-08-001 2019/08/13 EASA 2019-0193 AW169 helicopters, all serial numbers (s/n); and AW189 helicopters, all s/n. CAA-2019-08-001.pdf
CAA-2019-07-004A 2019/08/08 EASA 2019-0179 Rockwell Collins FDSA-6500 flight display software applications, having Part Number (P/N) 810-0234-1H0001, P/N 810-0234-1H0002, P/N 810-0234-1H0003, P/N 810-0234-2C0001, P/N 810-0234-2C0002, P/N 810-0234-2H0001 or P/N 810-0234-4B0001, the software of which provides airborne collision avoidance system (ACAS) information on primary cockpit displays. These are installed in service by the referenced STCs, or in production by Pro Line Fusion© integrated system. For the aeroplanes to which this AD applies, see Appendix 1 of this AD. CAA-2019-07-004A.pdf
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