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Airport Management Division

The Roles & Responsibilities

Business Services

  1. Preparation of regulations for Ground Handling Services Management.
  2. Overseeing ground handling services business.
  3. Reviewing and approving the fees schedule for ground handling services.
  4. Preparation (Revision) of regulations for Air Catering Services management.
  5. Overseeing ground handling services business.
  6. Overseeing tender and lease of airport property for shop space, vending booths, counters and advertising surfaces, as well as contracting cleaning work and airport landscape maintenance services, etc.

Aerodrome Certification

  1. To enact and amend the Aerodrome Certification Regulations.
  2. Approval of applications of Aerodrome Certification.
  3. To Grant, Suspend, Revoke, Transfer and Surrender the Aerodrome Certificates.
  4. To Oversee and inspect the Aerodrome Facilities and Operation.
  5. Aeronautical studies on Aerodrome Facilities and operation.
  6. To Oversee and inspect Aerodrome Safety Management System.
  7. Approval of establishment and organizational change of Private Airfields.
  8. Change, renewal or re-issuance of permit for Private Airfields.
  9. To enact and amend the Civil Aerodrome Design and Operation Standards and Recommended Practices.

Aerodrome Operations

  1. Coordinating field operation of airports that are concurrently used for military and civil aviation.
  2. Overseeing field operation of all airports.
  3. Planning and overseeing firefighting affairs of all airports.
  4. Overseeing management of firefighting facilities of all airports.
  5. Overseeing prevention and rescue against wind disasters.
  6. Coordination with CAA-subordinate organizations to combat typhoons.
  7. Overseeing fire prevention and rescue.
  8. Overseeing prevention and rescue against disasters caused by chemical materials or poison gas.
  9. Naming airport runways.
  10. Coordinating pigeon prohibition and preparation of relevant regulations.
  11. Handling prevention against intrusion by pigeons, birds or other animals deemed hazardous to airport or airfield flight safety.

Environmental Protection

  1. Planning and improvement of civil aviation noise control operations.
  2. Matters related to the establishment of aviation noise control and feedback regulations.
  3. Planning and supervision of subsidies and feedback operations for aviation noise control.
  4. Assisting local county and city governments where airports are located in the implementation of aviation noise control zones and land compatibility use in airport vicinity.
  5. Planning and operation of aviation noise monitoring network.
  6. Research on the collection standards of noise control fees.
  7. Supervision and coordination of airport environmental protection operations.
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