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This office is in charge of the documents, records, cashier, files, meetings, conferences, performance evaluation, organization stamps, property/transportation management and other affairs. The office is divided into three branches: Documentation & Files, General Affairs and Cashier.

The major duties of Administration Office

Documentation & File Branch

  1. Documents and files receipt, delivery and collation, audition, management, statistics and performance evaluation, etc.
  2. Organization stamps safeguarding.
  3. The implementation of document & information management.
  4. The management of file, book and publication application.
  5. The collection and edition of the records and crucial documents.
  6. Documents not belonging to any other divisions or offices and the provisional assigned affairs.

General Affairs Branch

  1. To purchase, safeguard, supply, repair, substitute, move and manage the general property.
  2. To manage, transfer and provide property insurance to the employees' dormitory.
  3. To manage CAA safety, labor, meeting, offices and transportation.
  4. To manage the labor insurance and other benefits.
  5. To audit the labor employment, performance evaluation, retirement and pension.
  6. Other general or provisional assigned affairs.

Cashier Branch

  1. To cash, safeguard, register and audit all expenses, special funds and valuable securities.
  2. To manage the employees' salary.

Contact Information

Address: 340, Tun Hua North Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Fax: 886-2-23496277
Office hour: 08:30-17:30

Last updated: 2023/09/14 14:35