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Open Government Declaration

  1. I. Authorization methods and scopes
    To encourage people to utilize this website, all of the data and materials of the website of the Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC which are protected by copyrights laws may be provided to the public through re-authorization, in a toll-free, non-exclusive way. The user may reproduce, adapt, edit, publicly transmit, or use the data/materials at any time and any place, in order to develop all kinds of products or services (which are abbreviated as added-value derivatives). Such authorizations will not be retrieved an the user does not need to acquire the Administration’s written or other forms of consent. However, the user should note the origin of the data/materials when using them.
  2. II. Notes for related matters
    1. The scope of authorization covers the scope of copyright protections but does not cover other rights pertaining to intellectual property rights. This includes but is not limited to the provision of patent, trademark, and institution signs.
    2. Regarding whether the personal data which party involved unveils publicly or which he or she publicizes according to the laws might be collected, processed or used, the user must plan ahead and carry out related measures as the laws require, based on Personal Information Protection Act.
    3. Parts of the audios, videos, images, musical notes, articles written for specific purposes, or any other writings might only be used upon agreement as stated in certain special announcements made by the Administration.
  3. III. Please be noted that the third-party’s personality rights must not be infringed (including the right of paternity and the right to prohibiting inappropriate changes).
  4. IV. The user may not maliciously change any information related to the authorized data and materials. If the displayed content is different from the original ones, the user must bear civil and criminal responsibilities alone.
  5. V. The website’s authorizations do not equal to giving the user the right to give suggestions, acknowledgements, or agreements of the status of its added-value derivatives on the Administration’s behalf.
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