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Personnel Office

Business and Duties

This office is one of the advisors in CAA. It is commanded by CAA director and supervised by the superior personnel organization.

The introduction of the business

The major duties

This office is one of the administration units and commanded by superior personnel organization. The staff are also appointed by the supervisor. There are two branches in this office:

  • The first branch: to manage the organization formation, examination, employment, transfer and promotion, personnel management, personnel regulations and laws and other general personnel affairs.
  • The second branch: to manage performance evaluation, rewards and punishment, training, further study, salary, absence, business travel, insurance, retirement, pension, sports, activities, and Employee Assistance Programs(EAPs).

Contact Information

Address: 340, Tun Hua Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Fax: 886-2-23496184
Office Hour: 08:30-17:30

Last updated: 2019/01/02 11:57