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Supervision Unit - Aviation Medical Center

I. Current Structure

Since the AMC is not an official organization within the CAA, there is flexibility for its organizational structure. The current organization is structured to meet the actual need for carrying out its functions. There is one Director and one Deputy Director, under which are 6 sections: Physical Checks, R&D, Nursing Services, Medical Services and Administration. There are 45 staff in the AMC, and some contract doctors who provide medical treatment as well as academic advisors who provide advice on medical affairs and assist in witness inspections. The AMC is a non-profit service organization for aviation staff.

II. Mission and Scope of Business

  1. Providing medical and health services as well as hygiene education to aviation staff.
  2. Provide health care, disease prevention, general and special diagnoses.
  3. Provide training for emergency rescue, CPR and education for aviation physiology.
  4. Provide medical inspections and advice for accident investigations.
  5. Provide psychological check and consultation for aviation staff.
  6. Conduct other items delegated by the relevant authorities.
  7. Promote aviation medical activities in Taiwan and international aviation medical exchange.
  8. Aviation medical R&D.

III. Current Facilities

The AMC is located on the 3rd floor of Terminal 1 of the Taipei Domestic Airport. It was established by the CAA to meet the need for aviation health checks demanded by open sky policies. It is designed as per modern medical standards. The site is wide and new with the most advanced facilities and well-placed to meet future demand.

IV. Contact Information

Address: 3F #340-9, Dunhua North Road Taipei, Taiwan.
Tel: 886-2-25456700

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