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Flight Standards Division

The current business includes:

Operations Inspections

These inspections are to ensure that civil air transport related staff, affairs and operations are all up to CAA standards. Each inspection needs to complete a series of examinations and evaluations for a particular purpose or region. The primary applicant will be certified after passing the examination of "Civil Air Transport Operations Inspection Table". Procedures in an inspection include: pre-application, official application, corresponding documents, examination and certification.

Aircraft Inspections

These inspections are to maintain constantly normal operation for aircraft. Current standards include aircraft worthiness inspection and certification regulations, aircraft service center establishment regulations, planning and maintenance processes, maintenance approval processes and aircraft inspection manuals, etc. There are regular and irregular inspections to understand every airline's status and provide helpful suggestions or punishments.

Flight Analysis

Annual or regular flight analysis equipment includes: a multi-sided navigation tower, tactical navigation tower, return navigation and signal tower, descent system and signal tower, landing instruction machine, runway lights, control tower, landing control tower, distance indicator, and a radar and microwave landing system. Flight analysis for one year takes over 1000 hours.

Airworthiness Inspection

All imported or domestically produced civil air transportation equipment and parts (including aircraft, generators and propellers) must be inspected and certificated by the CAA. After passing inspection, they will receive airworthiness certificates and start to be exported or sold. Meanwhile, the CAA has assisted in the establishment of a juridical inspection center which specializes in airworthiness inspections.

Flight Crews Training and Certification

This division is in charge of all tests, interviews, certifications, registrations, and training of aviation employees.

Policy & Procedures

To plan and manage flight safety policies, flight standards, and related regulations and international conventions.

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