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Airworthiness Directives (ADs)



民航局AD編號 發布日期 原發布國 原AD編號 適用機型摘要 檔案下載
CAA-2019-10-013 2019/10/29 EASA 2019-0265 Airbus A350-941 and A350-1041 aeroplanes, all manufacturer serial numbers (MSN) as identified in the AOT. CAA-2019-10-013.pdf
CAA-2019-10-012緊急 2019/10/29 EASA 2019-0266-E ARRIUS 1A and ARRIUS 1A1 engines, all serial numbers (s/n). These engines are known to be installed on, but not limited to, Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter, Eurocopter France, Aérospatiale) AS355 N and AS355 NP twin-engine helicopters. CAA-2019-10-012緊急.pdf
CAA-2019-10-010緊急 2019/10/24 FAA 2019-21-51E This AD applies to all General Electric Company (GE) GE90-115B model turbofan engines with engine serial numbers 907451, 907464, 907504, 907564, 907574, 907599, 907601, and 907618. CAA-2019-10-010緊急.pdf
CAA-2019-10-009 2019/10/23 EASA 2019-0252 AW169 helicopters, all serial numbers. CAA-2019-10-009.pdf
CAA-2019-02-010A 2019/10/21 EASA 2019-0035R1 Airbus A320-251N, A320-271N and A321-253N aeroplanes, all manufacturer serial numbers, except those on which Airbus modification (mod) 159981 has been embodied in production, and those on which Airbus mod 159975 and mod 159999 have been embodied in production. CAA-2019-02-010A.pdf
CAA-2019-10-007 2019/10/18 Brazil Brazilian 2019-10-01 This Airworthiness Directive (AD) applies to Embraer S.A. model ERJ 190-100 STD, ERJ 190-100 LR, ERJ 190-100 IGW, ERJ 190-100 SR, ERJ 190-100 ECJ, ERJ 190-200 STD, ERJ 190-200 LR and ERJ 190-200 IGW airplanes, all serial numbers, equipped with Honeywell Primus EPIC software versions up to 25.7, inclusive, or version 27.1 or version 27.2. CAA-2019-10-007.pdf
CAA-2019-10-006 2019/10/16 FAA 2019-20-07 This AD applies to all The Boeing Company Model 787-8, 787-9, and 787-10 airplanes, certificated in any category. CAA-2019-10-006.pdf
CAA-2019-10-005 2019/10/16 FAA 2019-16-13 This AD applies to The Boeing Company Model 777-200 and -300 series airplanes, certificated in any category, as identified in Boeing Special Attention Service Bulletin 777-28-0082, Revision 2, dated May 31, 2019. CAA-2019-10-005.pdf
CAA-2019-10-004緊急 2019/10/14 EASA 2019-0253-E Rotax 912 iSc2 Sport, 912 iSc3 Sport and Rotax 915 iSc3 A engines, all serial numbers (s/n). These engines are known to be installed on, but not limited to, various general aviation aeroplane types and models. The installation of these engines was either done by the respective aeroplane manufacturer, or through modification of the aeroplane by Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). CAA-2019-10-004緊急.pdf
CAA-2019-10-002 2019/10/08 Japan CAB TCD-9361-2019 Kawasaki BK117, BK117 A-3, BK117 A-4, BK117 B-1, BK117B-2 and BK117 C-1 helicopters. CAA-2019-10-002.pdf
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