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Airworthiness Directives (ADs)

The aircraft owner or operator shall comply with Airworthiness Directives issued by the CAA or the aeronautics authority of the State of Design (SoD) of the aviation products, appliances and parts, and take all necessary actions thereto.

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CAA AD Number Issue Date Aeronautics Authority of Original AD Original AD Number Applicability Download
68-747-009A 1979/10/06 FAA 79-17-02R1
68-QE-005 1979/09/24 FAA 79-18-06
68-QE-001A 1979/09/24 FAA 79-18-05
68-QE-004 1979/09/21 CAA BENDIX RS-63
63-707-001B 1979/09/14 FAA 75-03-01
68-QE-003 1979/09/11 FAA 79-18-12
68-QE-002 1979/09/11 FAA 79-18-02
68-747-011 1979/09/03 FAA 79-17-04
68-747-010A 1979/08/30 FAA 79-17-09
68-747-010 1979/08/24 Boeing SB 747-54-2062
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