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Notices of Foreign Airmen Licences and Ratings

  1. For regulation reference, please refer to the Article 114 to Article 118 in the "Regulations Governing Licences and Ratings for Airmen (05-01A)".
  2. For foreigners holding effective foreign licences and wishing to apply for CAA licences, please follow the flow chart below:
    • Work Permit (Ministry of Labor)
    • Required written examination (CAA)
    • Required practical examination (Authorized Agency)
    • Issue Licenses (MOTC)
  3. Necessary documents for applying to take part in the "required written examination":
    • (1) AIRMAN TEST APPLICATION FORM (including Applicant's Qualification Form and Privacy Authorization);
    • (2) Copy of passport and resident/stay document;
    • (3) Historical records of experience (needs to have hiring company's or training institution's official stamp on);
    • (4) Copy of effective foreign licence (needs to mark the valid date and specify if it's perpetual);
    • (5) Licence Verification Document/Letter (The document/letter needs to be issued by the original authority that issued the foreign licence. The issuance date of the document/letter should be generally less than 6 months prior to the application date of the written test, and should clearly contain information concerning the expiry date as well as the revocation and suspension status if there is any); and
    • (6) Copy of Work Permit from Ministry of Labor.
  4. Foreigners who are trained in a CAA approved training institution in Taiwan can apply for taking part in the "required written test" without attaching the above mentioned (4) to (6) documents.
Last updated: 2022/08/26 14:16