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  1. Today, the Taiwan ICAO Action Team met with allied and friendly nations including Paraguay, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Haiti. These countries unanimously agree that in view of Taiwan’s key location in East Asian, and the extensive development of aviation, it would be necessary and appropriate for Taiwan to participate in ICAO which plays an international specialized organization on civil aviation.
  2. The Taiwan ICAO Action Team exchanged views and shared experience with other countries on aviation safety and security, etc. We also explained Taiwan’s drone management progress. After the start of the ICAO Assembly, these countries will provide relevant information from the Assembly to Taiwan for our reference. Meanwhile, regarding to ICAO’s important new issue —Unmanned Aircraft System Transportation Management (UTM), these countries unanimously agree that there are still many await definition and clarification aspects on UTM. All of them expressed concern regarding the recent cases of unmanned aircraft affecting the take-off and landing of scheduled flights at airports in some countries. There is still no uniformly applicable solution to this problem and all countries are vigorously seeking feasible solutions now. Therefore, these countries felt that Taiwan must participate in relevant discussions if it is to systematically obtain relevant data and grasp the newest developments.
  3. In order to ensure aviation and public safety, and take the development of unmanned aircraft into consideration, Taiwan has completed revision of its Civil Aviation Act, and the revised version will be promulgated on March 31, 2020. The "Drone Operations Management Information System" recently established by Civil Aeronautics Administration of Taiwan (CAA) can provide such basic functions as online registration, graphic display, online application for activities, reporting in/out during operation, and notification for aviation safety incident, enabling it to manage drone activity.Under the principle that drone activity does not affect aviation safety, local governments will manage drone activities that are below an altitude of 400 ft., while the CAA will continue to manage drone activities around airports, in restricted airspace areas, and above an altitude of 400 ft. in the future.
  4. Although Taiwan is actively promoting drone management, we still need ICAO has discussions and solutions concerning various issues on safe separation of manned aircraft and unmanned aircraft flying at greater heights, transmission of flight information, UTM operating models, and the activity control of unmanned aircraft near airports. Now that CAA has taken the first step toward management of unmanned aircraft, and completion drafting of relevant laws and regulations, it plans to begin implementation next year. Taiwan is ahead of other countries in this area, and the experience can be extended to such areas as plant protection, transportation management, search and rescue, slope maintenance, and management and security of the coastal regulation zone. Taiwan’s experience could be a reference for other countries. Next step, in accordance with the newest progress by ICAO, Taiwan hopes to create an unmanned aircraft industry development environment, while maintaining the safety and efficiency of manned aircraft.
Taiwan ICAO Action Team engages in bilateral talks with Paraguay's delegation
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