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Name List of Airman Test Applicants (Academic Subject)

1. To apply for leave, please send a leave application form (in whatever form, but specify the name, type of test, date of test and cause of leave) by fax or via email(Email:queena@mail.caa.gov.tw ; Fax:02-23496071) no less than three days before the test, and also call 02-23496364 (09:00~12:00,14:00~17:00) for confirmation. Failure to send a form within time limit will be considered as absence at the test and counted as one examination time.
2. In the event of any natural calamity (typhoon, earthquake or flood) on the day of the test, please follow the “Operation Regulations on the Suspension of Offices and Classes because of Natural Disasters” promulgated by the Central Personnel Administration of Executive Yuan (http://www.cpa.gov.tw/). If the office is closed in Taipei City on the same day, the test shall be cancelled accordingly. The date of the re-test will be posted on the new release at the website on the following business day (https://www.caa.gov.tw/big5/index.asp), and the test taker should regularly check the website for the date of the re-test. If the office is still open while it is impossible for the test taker t to attend the test in accordance with the “Operation Regulations on the Suspension of Offices and Classes because of Natural Disasters”, please supplement the leave application form (referring to Note 1) within two days after the following business day. Otherwise, the test taker will be deemed as absent for one test.
3. Please present personal IDs (ID card, driver license or national health insurance card) for examination. The test fee is NT$500 for the preliminary test, and NT$100 for a re-test or additional-rating test. Please check in and pay the fee at the venue within 10 minutes prior to the test.
4. No electronic dictionary is permitted. A calculator shall not be equipped with any stored program. In the case of the “Aircraft Pilots” test, the applicant may use the Electronic Flight Computer or Air Navigation Computer.
5. Please turn off any wireless communication equipment (e.g. pager or mobile phone, etc) during the test.

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