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Planning Division

Business Description

International Affairs Section

  1. To communicate, coordinate and participate in civil aviation-related activities of international organizations.
  2. To plan, conclude and implement bilateral Air Services Agreements.
  3. To contact, arrange and receive foreign guests.
  4. To plan and coordinate cross-strait civil aviation affairs.
  5. To cooperate with other authorities on tax, economic and diplomatic matters related to civil aviation.

Research and Evaluation Section

  1. To compile, implement and review long-, medium- and short-term development plans.
  2. To compile, manage and review the annual government program.
  3. To implement R&D matters and to convene annual R&D meetings.
  4. To plan and supervise CAA’s training matters.
  5. To compile administrative reports for the sessions of the Legislation Yuan.
  6. To manage the annual inspection of the Control Yuan.
  7. To compile Civil Aviation White Paper and CAA pamphlets.
  8. To implement the promotion of quality service programs.
  9. To compile and publish Civil Aviation Bi-monthly Journal and CAA Annual Report.
  10. To draft and manage the civil air mobilization program and its related affairs.

Legal Section

  1. To review, enact, amend, promulgate and compile the Civil Aviation Act and regulations.
  2. To handle CAA’s legal affairs.
  3. To assist other divisions in drafting, amending and studying the Civil Aviation Act and regulations.
  4. To handle the national indemnity and lawsuits for CAA.
  5. To collect, translate and make use of the Civil Aviation Act and regulations.
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