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Simulation Test

Aviation English Proficiency Simulation Test

This English Proficiency Simulation Test needs installation system platform NET Framework 4.0 before using, and you may proceed and check with the following steps :

  1. Please follow the illustrated path and check if the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 program has been installed in your computer.
    「START>CONTROL PANEL>PROGRAMS AND FEATURES>UNINSTALL OR CHANGE A PROGRAM」 If the program exists, you may run the system directly.
  2. If the program mentioned above does not exist, please install the program by executing「dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64」 before using.
  3. Run the system by hitting 「System Demo」button .
  4. This system program is for test purpose only. Each unit comprises the same questions. You can only enter unit 2 by passing unit 1 (Correct answer for all Unit 1, Part A questions is "C". For Part B questions, the answer is "D")
Last updated: 2019/10/28 18:41