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Test Procedure

CAA Aeronautical Radiotelephony Communication Proficiency Testing

※ Applications for proficiency testing:

  • Air traffic controllers (ATC): should present applications to their belonging organization or arranged by the organization.
  • Pilots: should present applications to their belonging company or arranged by the employer; the person who is not working for an employer but with current type-rating certificate may present the application to CAA.
  • The test service provider should have at least four (or more) of the aviation English test examiners, and the tests should be held in complied with CAA Aeronautical Radiotelephony Communication Testing publication (including the methods, location, facilities, examiners, and re-examination procedure), and the test service provider should report to CAA before 15th Oct every year. Any change of proficiency test should be approved by CAA before the implementation. The entrusted test service providers should report CAA with their entrustment application.

※ Proficiency test instructions:

  • The test service should provide appropriate location, equipment, and complete instructions which are approved by CAA. The following checks should be made prior the test start:
    • The related equipment for the test works properly.
    • The test-taker can be identified and the mechanism of accessing the test record has been established.
    • The instructions of the test should be documented and published by the test service provider,and to be confirmed and signed by the test-taker. The content of instructions should at least include the following items:
      • Carrying books, handouts, notes or other reference materials are prohibited.
      • Any equipment with communication function are prohibited.
      • Any equipment for recording exam content are prohibited.
    • The pen and blank paper should be provided for test-taker during the test¸ and retrieved and destroyed by the service provider after finish.
  • The testing location should offer moderate comfort, privacy and quiet; The equipment, human resources and facilities necessary for the test should be included in the instructions.
  • Test includes three units:
    • Unit 1: Listening Comprehension- Multiple Choice; the test-taker chooses the correct answer after listing to the pre-recorded dialog and questions. The following units (Unit 2 and Unit 3) can be accessed when the test result of this part is at least Level 4.
    • Unit 2: Voice Only Interaction; the test questions are pre-recorded, and test-takers’ responses are recorded for evaluation.
    • Unit 3: Face-to-face Interview; involve face-to-face interactions between the test-taker and the examiner.
  • The examiner in Unit 3 should not evaluate the same test-taker.
  • CAA has the authority to revise the instructions and the test methods.
  • All proficiency tests of speaking ability should be recorded on audio or video media files. Those files should be listened by at least two examiners to evaluate the test-takers. At least one of the examiners should have the experience of being civil aviation pilot.

※ Re-examination procedure:

  • In case of the proficiency raring level is below Level 4 that is evaluated by one of the two examiners, the test service provider should assign a third examiner to re-evaluate the specific area which is below Level 4. The score of level 3 or level 4 evaluated by the third examiner is the final result of the specific areas. The lowest level of the final result of the specific areas is the final result of test-taker.

※ License valid period and recurrent:

  • The recurrent evaluation is not required of anyone who demonstrates language proficiency at Level 6.
  • The language proficiency at the Level 5 should be formally evaluated at least once every six years.
  • The language proficiency at the Level 4 should be formally evaluated at least once every three years.
  • Recurrent should be made within three months before the last day of the valid period.
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