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Private Airfield

There are fifteeen private Airfields in Taiwan listed as follows.

  1. Taipei Veterans General Hospital Heliport (Taipei Veterans General Hospital)
  2. Xitou Le Midi Hotel (Hejiahuan Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
  3. Dongyin Heliport (Lienchiang County Government)
  4. Dongjyu Heliport (Lienchiang County Government)
  5. Sijyu Heliport (Lienchiang County Government)
  6. Tianlong Heliport (Tian Long Heliport)
  7. Tungs' Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital Heliport (Tungs' Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital)
  8. Taipei City Fire Department Heliport (Taipei City Fire Department)
  9. China Medical University Hospital Heliport (China Medical University Hospital)
  10. Shuang Ho Hospital Heliport (Taipei Medical University)
  11. Heliport of Training Center of National Fire Agency, Ministry of The Interior (Training Center Of National Fire Agency, Ministry Of The Interior)
  12. Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital Heliport (Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital Heliport)
  13. Heliport of Kaohsiung Emergency Operation Center (Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City)
  14. Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Heliport (Far Eastern Memorial Hospital)
  15. Yuanlin Christian Hospital Heliport (Yuanlin Christian Hospital)
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