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The Republic of China set out to build its civil aviation industry early after the country was established. In the eighth year of the R.O.C., an aviation governmental agency was already set up to take charge of the country’s aviation affairs. In the 18th year of the R.O.C., the agency became a sub-unit of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. After the Second World War, to develop and manage civil aviation businesses, on January 20, 1947, the Civil Aeronautics Administration was founded in Nanjing under the MTC, listed as a third-rank central governmenta agency under the Executive Yuan.

The Administration’s rules for organization structure was released on May 10, 1947. In response to a thriving aviation industry and to fulfill the needs of new airline companies, the rules were modified three times, respectively in 1972, 1998 and 2021. As the Administrative Yuan was reorganized in the 2010s, the (draft for) Organization Act of the Civil Aeronautics Administration of the MOTC was drafted. It was sent to the Legislative Yuan for deliberation and at this moment the deliberation is still being carried out.

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