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Task force Unit - Taoyuan Airport Industrial Park Development Center

I. Preface

To implement the "Air Transport Center of Asia Pacific Operation Center Project", CAA specially mapped out the "Tao Yuan Aviation Town Project". In this project, CAA drew up a prior plan .The Initial Park Development Project of Tao Yuan Aviation Town (Air Freight Specific Park). This project includes Air Cargo area (about 450,000 square meters) and Passenger Transportation area (about 2,000,000 square meters). CAA has planned to develop the CKS airport surrounding area into an Aviation Town. This project has been approved by Executive Yuan in May of 1997. The budget is approximately $ 9,900,000,000 NT dollars. CAA arranged a "Tao Yuan Industrial Park Development Center "working schedule on January 1st, 1999, to implement the project effectively. The center was established in July of 1999 and it is in charge of the project now.

II. The major business

The land was obtained by region collecting way. The Air Freight Park was initially divided into Air Cargo Area, Goods Gather & Conveyance Area and Public Facilities. The Passenger Transportation Park was designed for Passenger Service Specific Area (about 160,000 square meters), Residence Area, Commercial Area, Irrigation Equipment Specific Area and Public Facilities. In the future, these two parks will be operated and invested by the civil organizations through BOT. The major business of the center contains:

  1. To map out the finance.
  2. To list the expenses in the budget.
  3. To solicit the capital.
  4. To collect the land.
  5. To design and construct the parks.
  6. To sell and canvass.

III. The formation of the organization

There is an executive secretary under the director and the center is divided into three divisions: Planning, Engineering and Property. Each division has one chief, fifteen appointed employees and two engaged employees. Meanwhile, CAA staffs serve concurrently in the Personnel, Accounting and Government Ethics divisions.

IV. The Project Executive Condition

  1. Urban Plan
    The urban plan of the specific region has examined and accepted by the Urban Plan Committee after the deliberation. The Committee also resolved to draw up the Urban Design and Management Essential Points. CAA was in charge of the alteration of Tao Yuan Air Freight Park Project to be adapted to the Region Collection and Urban Plan. On Dec. 29th, 1999, the project was put in the record as Tai No.88ο46957 and announced by Tao Yuan County Government on Jan. 21st, 2000.
  2. Region Collection
    The specific Region Collection was approved by Executive Yuan with document Tai No. 88ο4682. 94% of the lands have been registered as state-owned. 97% of the collateral land applications have been audited and 98% of the buildings have been moved or tore down.
  3. The Infrastructure
    So far all the constructions are being designed and prepared.
  4. The Operation and Management
    The lands, collected by CAA for building Air Freight Area and Passenger Transportation Area, will be also used for canvassing the civil organizations. The details of the plan are being discussed.

V. Address and Contact Numbers

Address: 2F, 340-10, Tun Hua North Road, Taipei,105, Taiwan (Taipei Airport Terminal II)
Contact to: Lau Hue Chin
Title: Analyst

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